Frequently asked questions

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How can I purchase WebTiket voucher?


All information about purchasing vouchers can be found here

SMS Chat

How can I check how much chat credits I have?


At any moment you can text "INFO" at and you'll receive a message about your remaining credits.

How do I start conversation?


To contact a chat user, text his name and your message. For example: "Anna Hi how are you?".

When you're already in communication with another user, you don't need to send his/hers name all the time, you can simply reply to your messages as in normal SMS conversation.

How do I chat with multiple users at the same time?


If you wish to chat with multiple users at the same time, sending their names in front of your text messages is required.

Anonimity and exiting chat


If you wish to leave chat service temporarily or forever, simply send STOP and you won't receive any more messages.

This service is anonimous – user you're chatting with can't see your number, and likewise you can't see his/hers.

Purchasing credits and support


To purchase credits with your credit card please visit this page.

You can reach our payment support with your email at: or text message at (send the word HELP in front of your message).

If you have any questions or wish to report abuse please send us email: We can provide you with information regarding payment process and service status. Please note our staff can't see messages you have exchanged with other users of the service.